Giovanni Manfredini (1963, Pavullo nel Frignano, Modena) lives and works in Modena.

Giovanni Manfredini is convinced that the basic aim of art is a process of self-awareness in which aesthetic inquiry manages to possess the individual for what it is in itself. He alters the relationship between the elements and disregards that eternal conflict between nature and artifice, the alien and the alienated, metaphor and metastasis that characterize a large part of contemporary inquiries. Obviously he does not oppose this, but he thinks of it as something already a part of a debate leading to a different approach, one that is more linguistic in character. In fact Manfredini begins with a different aim and considers the body, his own body, as a subject worthy of inquiry in itself. Contemplation no longer exists, only action in a synergetic exchange with the surface which absorbs and, at the same time, emanates energy. The artist prepares his canvasses with an experimental technique mixing natural elements, an impasto of vinyl glue, water, and crushed shells. This mixture, worthy of the proto-chemist he is, is dried and 'painted' with smoke and fire which completely cover the available space until it is uniform. It is now ready to receive the indelible imprint. So the canvas becomes the place where the work is absorbed as part of a physical process of visualisation, and where the support participates directly in the creative transformation.


artista: Giovanni Manfredini


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