Maurizio Savini was born in Rome in 1962. He studies architecture at the university La Sapienza and in 1992 he exhibits at his first solo show in Dusseldorf. In 1995 he exhibits at the Reiner Eickoff Galerie in Hamburg. Four years later, for the Bagnai gallery in Siena, he creates a series of sculpture called “Studio 1999”. In 2000-2001 he has solo shws in London, Paris, Lyon, Taipei and the Havana Biennial. In the same year he is invited to participate at the group show “WelcHome” in the spaces of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome. In 2003 he works at a new series of sculptures made on purpose for the Olivier Houg gallery of Lyon, entitled “Headrooms”. He also realizes the video “Masticatori” and finishes the permanent installation “Tabula Casa” realized for the space of the MACRO of Rome. In 2004 he takes part in the solo show “Europlant” in the spaces of the gallery Contempo of Rotterdam. The year after he is invited by the city of Paris for a scholarship at the Cité internationale des Arts and realizes a permanent wallpainting inside the pediatric hospital Necker. At the same time he works at his solo show entitled “Très jolie la petite maison de pommes de terre” for the spaces of the Cité internationale des Arts. For his invitation at the exhibition “Paramour” at the Lyon Biennial, he creates the installation “Interno Osseto”. In 2006 he participates at the exhibition “Walk-In” mounted in the new spaces of the Bagnai Gallery in Florence. The year after that he presents a new series of sculptures in the Jorge Shirley Gallery in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2008 he receives an invitation for the Quadriennial in Rome and realizes a solo show at the Gallery Edoardo Testori in London. In 2009 he creates a new exhibition entitled “Tomorrow” in the spaces of the gallery Oredaria Arti Contemporanee of Rome.


artista: Maurizio Savini


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