Marianna Masciolini (1975) lives and works in Assisi.

Masciolini was born in Umbria, where she lives and realizes her own artistic works since 1997. She has been formed through theater and grows in time entwining with a research addressed to visual contemporary arts.  From 1999, next to her theatrical activity she starts an artistic research that will bring her to the realization of her first works.

Masciolini questions the mistery of the presence of that the visible at first sight doesn't seem to reveal, realizes through a technique made of perforations, knots and intercrossed passways, using materials as plexiglass, nylon, acetate, brass, varnish, travertine and other.

It is looking and viewing, starting from a certain 'gravity' that the human regard comes to the perception of the profoundness of the invisible universe. "To see is, as a principle, more than to look, to access a latent being, the invisilbe is the importance and the profoundness of the visible...".

Marianna Masciolini creates, through a "fragile" visibility of transparance, fantastic worlds in small or mega frames where the materical elements result as tightrope walker in a fix balance on invisible wires that, at their turn, decide the trajectories of their movements; gravity without gravity. The bodies seem in the void as molecules or atoms of an emotional structure beyond physics, for whom also gravity is meant as difficulty, as inconvenience or undergone moral harm that can be surpassed towards an impulse or elevation.


artista: Marianna Masciolini


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