After the inaugural exhibition of 2003, where both historical and unedited works were presented, Gilberto Zorio returns to the gallery with a strong setup concentrated on a recurrent element of his work: the star, an atavistic and cosmic figure, present since the 1972 in his work.

Despite the archetypical values and significant resonance that in general the star possesses, Zorio is interested in the force of the image, not its symbolic value, of the materials, even the more common, the possibility of combining them that generates positive conflicts and energetic tensions.

The audience will be involved in a journey of the senses through contrasts and dialectics between materials, starting from “Il marrano spinge il cosmo”, a living organism of high materical value, in constant tension, where the transparency of plexiglas dominates in a precarious stability balance faced to the roughness and toughness of “Torre Roma Stelle”, a mighty structure, something iin between sculpture and architecture made with materials taken from the construction field that dominates the space: a labyrinth of overlapping powers that magnetically interacts with the arches of the gallery and that hides an enigmatic phosphorescence.

In “Il respiro della stella” (The breath of the star) the pulsions become an incessant rhythm, a cycle of repeated sequences of movement and stasis, while in “Cuoio su giavellotti” (Leather on javelins) the star stops, leaning on two javelins, apparently willing to take off.

The concept of energy, a constant element through the entire oeuvre of Zorio, dominates more than ever in “Le luci e le stelle”, an installation where the rays of light that radiate the star escape from the dark originated from the structures that hides it. Thus enters the appearance of alchemy that changes the perception, unexpectedly, the play …


In ocasion of the exhibition will be published a catalogue by SKIRA/OREDARIA. (with a critical essay by Germano Celant)