“Fontana has always worked within the specific photographic medium, succeeding in calibrating his own physiological eye in harmony with that of the camera, balancing between the ability to recognize the real and the ability to pass it on to the viewer with a sensible brillance, being able to bring the given data as a sign of a particular language, abstract according to the photographed reality.”

Achille Bonito Oliva in “Il sogno dell’arte”.   


Fontana was born in Modena, Italy in 1933 and is considered today one of the most important interpreters of colour photography. Since the early sixties the artist already distinguished himself by his choice for colour, in a historical moment where colour was considered of less artistic value than the traditional black and white photography.

Instead he reinvented colour as an expressive medium and not merely documentary as unedited, sometimes provocative, analysis of the natural and urban surroundings, looking for new signs and chromatics structures corresponding to his creative fantasy.

The research on colour and light of Fontana, which represents his most particular and recognizable artistic figure, brings him to present the landscape as a kind of imaginary and ideal place, where chromatic composition and relations between forms give life to real and proper abstract compositions.

In Rome a series of almost 30 photographs is presented, some of them unedited, most of them come from the series “Urban Landscapes” and “Asphalts”.

In the Urban Landscapes the architectures transform in pure colour compositions with a strong visual and emotional impact. In the series of the Asphalts the artist’s attention for the detail brings him to abstract compositions where the image exalts strongly together with the chromatics and the material. In this way, the rough material of bitumen and gravel emerges with their colour tones of grey and black and some colour flashes running through. The works, in limited editions, are presented in the following dimensions: 40x60 cm , 70x100 cm and 122x185 cm.