Works realized on pur pose for the exhibition will be presented together with some already existing but never exhibited works remounted for this occasion. The works will dialogue between each other in a continuous sending back both formal and temporal: the new works, looking at those already realized as they were observing something where to draw inspiration from and where to reflect its own work upon.

This exhibition is the following after the solo show entitled “Verso N” at the gallery TucciRusso in Turin. The artist hasn’t exhibited in a personal show at Rome since 1997-1998, years where his works took a start at the art space “VOLUME!”.

Afterwards, with the words that the artist himself wrote about his exhibition at OREDARIA:

“Realizing an exhibition means (again) redo a work already done. Not repeating, something more, as a scribe copyist that takes teh already made as a model to renew the invention, taking thereby the look and the body towards the discovery of new particularities invisibile before. This gesture only seems auto-referential for it is instead auto-welcoming, hospitable towards these that remain in itself, towards these who resist from their own imagination, towards these who restore the image and therefore the world.

Looking at made things is like looking ouself in the face to discover the unknown, the stranger in ourself, who we are in that proper moment. We can also say that this looking at ourself is an attempt to reconstruct a personal story, to give “body” to the “author”, otherwise invisibile, a kind of cure for the memory, otherwise untrustworthy. Maybe for this reason the word “riguardarsi” in Italian what means, looking after ourself, and so it means also protecting, paying attention to ourself, keeping ourself far away from danger, saving from loosing ourself. Even if when we look at an artwork it is this proper sensation of losing ourself that reigns above all other feelings, in fact the looking after ourself becomes a stimulus for loosing ourself to recross a path where the only orientation is the destre to redo a living image.

I think of an exhibition where artworks already made, change skin, as a snake that throws of its old skin when he already has the new one. There is no moment where the snake remains without a skin, instead there is a moment where he ha two skins covering his body, it is this instant that I’d like to fix."