For the artist, the work of art is essentially an idea, a project and technology is the instrument that permits to realize works each time closer to its conceptual idea: in this sense, the work of art is perfectionable. The quantum meccanics and the atomical physics are at the basis of a synthetic language, involved in the research linked to the spatial dimension and, mostly starting from 1964, orientated towards the physicity of the moon, as matter, without any symbolic or mystical significance.

The spectator will be immersed in an analysis of the perception, that is overturned and contradicted by the nature of the essential forms in reality. In this sense, even if in the vocabulary of Mochetti we fiend rockets, airplanes and protoypes of fast vehicles, the space of the exhibition will remain empty and still. Inserted in between the columns of the gallery, the center of the space is at the same time the center of a immaginary circle, that will be marked tangibly and metaforically from an axe, that surmounts from an investment casting placed at the optical horizon height. A “line of mercuri” will sign the whole trail of the gallery and on this line a luminous source will mark a point of light. The spectator, passino through the whole lenght of the line, will see this point of light moving punctually. “We are in the world of flow and event, where limitation and fixness do not dominate, but the phenomenon of frontier, as the light that is free to trace an unpredictable path.”

Germano Celant