The artist will present a cycle of new works, realized especially for the occasion. The main gallery space presents works of large dimensions, with casts and pictorial interventions, where the usual theme of the relation between DARK-LIGHT-BODY will present new depths and transparency.

For the first time, as an evolution of the works “VIVI”, will be exhibited some works entitled “ESTASI” exploring the relation of the body with the space and the cosmos through spheres of light as an appearance out of the dark.

Besides, there will be exhibited works of small dimensions and works on paper to highlight and complete the iconic visual path of the artist. The body is always protagonist of Manfredini’s work: a the theme and direct experience of the artist where the image is impressed directly upon the surface of the works. In fact, the works starts from the contact of the artist’s body on a surface treated with The oeuvres born, in fact, from the contact of the artist’s body on a surface treat with fine layers of black smoke, capable to mark his cast. Following pictorial interventions enhance the definition and the plasticity of the marks, up to transforming into an undefined human presence that emerge towards the exterior.

Manfredini works since years on the theme of the body with a research that brings his work from a state of “trying to exist” of the first period to an always more conscious pictorial affirmation where the light, pure and absolute, defines ecstatic and spiritual images.

In occasion of the exhibiiton will be published a catalogue, edition SKIRA/OREDARIA. A critical essay will be written by Peter Weiermair.