Bassiri visits in 1978 the Vesuvius volcano near Naples, and defines it as a place close to its nature. He starts there a dialectic dialogue with the creative strenght of this place. “Finding myself for the first time on its crater, I felt the form of the magma as it was my blood running throug my veins and the brain in its creative condition.” The force that the lava has to create the matter, life on earth, becomes the guiding thought of the creatività of the artist. The artistical research of Bassiri starti in the eighties and finds its foundation in “Pensiero Magmatico” (1984) and in “Manifesto del pensiero magmatico. Il Magmatismo” (1986). The evaporations realized with surfaces of paper pulp, the solar mirrors in steel, the sculptures in iron or bronze, the elements elemento formed by lava, the sophisticated fotographic elaborations are all works that have their origin in the “magmatic thoughts” of the artist.

The will of the artisti s to found his proper work with theatre and music, towards a push forward, expressing its own relation with love, birth, death and destiny. He uses an artistic language wherein the meeting of opposites is present: the modern and the antique, the cosmical and the earth, life and death, light and darkness.

In occasion of the exhibition a catalogue will be published, edited by SKIRA/OREDARIA. Critical essay by Bizhan Bassiri.