The whole space of the gallery will be fragmented through an itinerary where ten world-wide artists have been invited to present their own ‘interiority’ by a work selected or a site-specific intervention. The spectator will have to come into the exhibition through various “rooms”, some physical others mere mentally. He will find a wardrobe where to hide his own secrets, a chaise longue where to set free obsolete memories and furniture on which to leave abandoned reminiscences behind. Soft forms or mirrored colors trace geometrical shapes who guide the spectator to reach a place of worshipping the own ego and to an interior of plain childish remembrances.

Hence, in a globalized society where individual particularities tend to blend and to give in to standardization, one pretend to give rise to a “place”, a kind of setting, an ‘interior’ where each can utter and struggle for its own identity through a personal, but at the same time, empathetic thought.

A catalogue accompanying the exhibition will be published by SKIRA/OREDARIA with critical essays by Achille Bonito Oliva.