The first step for the young artist is to change the way in which we see things. In this sense Guidato uses different expressive media: sculpture, paintings, installations and videos in which in general the protagonist is himself, experimenting the physicality through, in a kind of way, therapeutic actions. From the research of his own body he passes on to a critical survey on the collective dimension, the ‘social’ body.

Besides, Guidato introduces the possibility of the arts to speak unashamedly of spirituality, even in an explicit way, using images that recall the theme of the sacred, for example in the project Superheroes, an installation of images of saints at crossroads and bridges. Departing from this individual, physical and spiritual dimension, Guidato passes on to a social dimension, facing themes of collective interests, that changes the attention on what happens besides the borders of the artworld. In this way he questions the role of art in society and how it should be linked to it. For Guidato, the artist is a witness of his time, in where art must be used to discuss the problems of society in which we live.  

The project presented at the Gallery OREDARIA is called Novum Vexillum Tollo, and Guidato itself summarizes the work as following: “Rising a new flag that embraces all of humanity, corresponds to seek peace persistently.”

Novum Vexillum Tollo is a flag that has 224 stars. The 224 stars correspond to all the countries in the World (included also federated states, colonies, territories and dependencies) and hence wants to be the flag of all flags.

The flag has been realized by the Fondazione Ratti (in 2001 Guidato frequented at Ratti Foundation the Master of Fine Art with Marina Abramovic as Visiting Professor); the textile is Shantung (64% silk and 36% polyester) in which has been used the system “devoré”, an acid that corrodes the fabric in established forms, in this case the form of a star, leaving a layer of transparent wire inside the perimeter. The final drawing on the flag is a rotating movement in which all stars are being embraced, as in a game of transparency, very simple. The flag is suspended in the middle of the space as a banner, visible from the street as well as from a display window. The flag is sober, light and quiet and seems to have accepted the invitation to stop the noise of the show. Guidato feels the urgency to remember “We need to witness this historical moment, now”.

Laura Cherubini