For this occasion, two colours will be conspicuously invading the whole gallery space: pink and yellow. Pink will have lost its usual connotation and will assume a completely different symbolic relevance, whilst a deep and intense yellow will contrast pink its flatness. The use of chewing gum, a material with ambiguous connotations but at the same time a cultural trademark, will be exhibited since it has become the most characteristic feature of Maurizio Savini’s entire production. Symbols who are part of the imagination of each of us, everyday objects, references to different cultures and flags of some of the most influential countries in the present political landscape are opposed to each other and the same time amalgamating. Protagonists of our society, for instance managers, are portrayed; their attitude revealing the dramatic moment we are going through. Thus a dislocation is invoked, referring to this exact historic moment - to our own everyday life and not to some remote age. Hostile to any form of immobility, Tomorrow urges and incites a society that has lost its power of imagination. As far as the consumer society and the terrible waste of energy are concerned, unawareness, non-resistance or apathy are all fiercely condemned; a new interaction between Man and Nature is invoked. We are encouraged to approach barriers crossed never before, to react to our grievances and to destroy the nihilistic view that sees Man in bondage. Savini has at heart the principle of responsibility towards Nature and calls out to convert the present situation into a long forgotten nightmare.