Drawings, temperas, earth, collages and watercolours, works realised between 1958 and 2006, will be presented for the first time in public. The exhibition is an important occasion to analyse all of Uncini’s work on paper, from the first Earths of the late 1950s to the ensuing Reinforced Concrete, Iron and Cement, Bricks, Shadows, Dwellings, Iron Spaces, Cement Spaces and finally, Architectures.

From the onset of his artistic career, the artist had always manifested a great interest in works on paper, studying and exploring numerous expressive techniques in immediate symbiosis with his sculpture. As with all of his work, Uncini constructs volumes and spaces that are closely related to the techniques and materials they are composed of, such as iron and cement. The exhibition is closely associated with the most recent personal shows dedicated to Giuseppe Uncini, such as the ZKM in Karlsruhe, then at the Mart in Rovereto and finally the Neue Galerie of Graz, where for the first time several works on paper by the master belonging to the Reinforced Concrete and Shadows series were shown.

The two exhibitions in Rome and in Bergamo will feature Uncini’s entire artistic excursus on paper with some sculptures created by the master from the early 1960s up to his latest works. This show aims at underlining the broad relationship of the specular quality and interaction between sculpture and works on paper, mutually communicating disciplines in the work of Uncini.

Oredaria Arti Contemporanee and Fumagalli Gallery will present for the occasion an extensive monograph of the work of Uncini. Text by Franco Fanelli and Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, SilvanaEditoriale.