In the artist’s work the reality needs to be contemplated, reflected upon itself, it hides and it deforms behind the glance. Installations, sculptures and drawings require calm and contemplation, they invite to get lost in their internal, requiring the need to stop and search carefully to distinguish nuances, hidden details behind atavistic materials as the black Belgium marble or contemporary materials as the inner tube.

The exhibited works compose an apparently linear structure which hides an inherent circularity. Looking at history as a chain of events and not as an accumulation of ruins, the path winds like a vortex that traces the oblique gaze of the West.

A large representation of Africa, site of the dawn of man, drawings of cultures that have populated the Mediterranean, deformed by a concave lens, up to reaching a large reflected geographical map, write an anthology of the gaze of the West. While in some works the contrast between the materials dominates, in the others the surface is divided into geometric pieces. To “Geometrise” a place means, in fact, to dominate and take over a territory, tracing its borders to impose or establish rules, standards and prescriptions. The great narratives, the patterns of global or totalizing culture that organize and explain knowledge and experiences, have systematically tried to impose their vision to the world. Likewise, the overwhelming of the image in contemporary visual culture and especially its conscious manipulation have caused the phenomenon of not being able to expel the pupil. The look remains permanently bonded to a false confidence that leads to an unconscious vertigo, a fragility of the certainties that tears a part every opportunity of balance in the perception.

In this way, the deformed look of the West, full of dialectical prejudices and prevaricating over any other consideration, it rebels abnormally, small, limited and obsolete. The artist expresses therefore the urgency to disobey, relearn, seek new ways of confrontation with the past, in order to change at last the look towards the world and reshape an alternative perception and cognition of things, entering silently as opposed to the commodification of image.


Curated by Angel Moya Garcia