The German artist realize this exhibition after numerous, recent experiences during this year , among all the personal exhibition held in Varese at Villa Panza Collection, the installation at the MACRO FUTURE of Rome at the MADRE Museum of Naples and the recent intervention at the Hangar Bicocca in Milan. For the OREDARIA Gallery the artist has created and specifically projected a journey with sculptures, drawings and installations that testify her direct contact with the nature and the artist’s capacity to relate with the space, underlining the symmetry, the structure and the order.

Her art is suspended between the apparent lightness of the sculptures realized with a slow process and the simplicity of the materials used. Those we could consider as particulars of natural and animal elements – seeds, plant stalks, horsehair – that we are not use to focus because of their small dimensions, in Löhre’s pieces of art they become something through the glance is attracted and invited to a silent contemplation.
Subtracting seeds and plant stalks to natural process, the artist crystallizes their presence in the world, in this way alienating them from the regular temporality of the natural cycles.

Her works lead to meditation and also to a sense of responsibility, the calm and the serenity conveyed by the works are the same interior characteristics to which is called who is observing them. From the organic materials selection as the seeds of different plants as well as the horsehair, originates delicate and refined microcosms that refer to a precious and complex imaginative architecture, which is also expressions of a
reassuring solidity. Therefore her work is rigorous based on the tension, the gravity and the proportion, the distance and the closeness, in where the dichotomy storms between the material’s apparent transitory and the infinite capacity of conservation. After the comparison with the vastness of the stables at Villa Panza, the OREDARIA Gallery space is transformed in an intimate and absorbed interval, almost a sacred place
of meditation.

The German artist dilates the space of the gallery, through drawings, sculptures and installations that hangs up on the selling, tends between the pavement and the vaulted, ties the angles and the pillars. All the pieces of art search for a symbiosis with the space and at the same time go beyond, as the columns of horsehair, which don’t stop by the architecture, but continue in an infinite movement.