The Oredaria Gallery in Via Reggio Emilia 22-24, will be hosting “Inside of me“, a solo exhibition by Donatella Spaziani, 7th October 2011 at 6.30 p.m. Rome is the city that Donatella Spaziani has choosen, the place where she stopped her wandering around the world and where she has also shown her work in several relevant locations such as Quadriennale, Provincia di Roma – Palazzo Valentini, Incontri Internazionali d’Arte and Casa delle Letterature. For the first time in Rome she will present her work in a solo show at OREDARIA. Spaziani’s creative path, expressly considered for this exhibition space, proceeds as different pages of the same novel. Different materials and techniques (ceramics, drawings, embroidery, photography and sculpture) can be considered as the chapters of a path that the artist provides us in order to understand her poetical universe.

In all her works is constantly presented a universe populated by figures that can be recognized by a simple sign. Body shapes are able to tell us a need to seek a place in the world. They convey balance and serenity as well as a sense of discomfort related to a restless and never-ending inner research.
These figures seem floating on the “white sea” of the ceramics, of the paper, of the old cotton cloth, but they are anchored to the world by a steady and continuous mark of the drawing that composes them. Maybe the artist reveals the most complicated aspect of her point of view in the sculpture. Benches and chair seats covered with smooth leather characterized by almost unearthly lines, are more appropriate for human bodies rather than ordinary objects.
In the installations there is a strong connection with the memory of artist’s personal experiences and this aspect is underlined by the use of the wallpaper that refers to old habits. Spaziani invites us to undertake a light and aware route, an empathic path that involves, with courage, even the darker zones.
Claudio Libero Pisano