In occasion of the Giornata del Contemporaneo (Day of Contemporary) promoted by AMACI (Associazione Nazionale dei Musei di Arte Contemporanea d’Italia – National Assembly of Contemporary Art Museums of Italy), Alfredo Pirri comes back, three years after his last exhibition held at the gallery, with a solo show where three- and two-dimensional works are realized for the occasion.

The exhibition is entitled “Racconti” (Novels) because, as the artist himself declares: “Every work of art is a novel on itself, of its own proper being in that specific form, and also part of a larger story, where the themes of abstraction and figuration are mixed up to becoming unreadable”.

The exhibition is introduced with a long wall, built on purpose for this exhibition, hosting a series of fifteen watercolours entitled “Acque” as Pirri describes: “Each of these works shows different ways of how rain slides on glass, forming regular small streams that sometimes open into broad and chaotic fields….”.

The wall runs along the space as a tape, as a story. Behind are three-dimensional works that allude to constructions, to spaces animated by the reflected light of the paint “raining” from above:

- White Cube: as the modern exhibition spaces were defined, it is made of white cubes, that lead to the environments wherein the so-called “contemporary art” has been developped

- The house of rising sun: with a clear reference to the title of a famous song, the work is animated inside itself by groups of waiting people...

- Le jardin féerique (from the title of a music piece by Ravel). Two large plexiglas displaycases complete the exhibition path where form and story join each other exchanging energy, necessarily united in seeking a path that leads beyond their own known and experienced limits.